Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Dynamics CRM 365 (2)

Avaya IP office caller ID integrated CRM Dynamics 365 via TAPI phone application. All other other based applications were integrated successfully using SOAP services. Dynamics 365 out of the box delivers most common functionalities for Customer Services Ticketing, SLAs, Reporting and Dashboards.

Extensive customization available to modify Views (can used as Buckets for each users / supervisor). Additionally the customization for reports and Dashboards are also very user friendly.

However the rights management is quite cumbersome. One needs to be well versed of the Dynamics structure, Teams and Licensing to implement the best fit solution.

Performance wise the application works flawlessly on 8 core / 24 GB RAM machine for up-to 30 to 40 users.

Built-in themes are very limited and cannot be customized extensively. Dashboards are also limited up-to 6 charts per Dashboard. All and all the Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a robust solution for enterprise Customer Experience Management.

For next phase, sale, marketing modules will be evaluated and Contact center integration will be implemented to leverage the customer experience.

To be continued .  . .

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