Monday, 29 February 2016

Oscar Fever / HMC Cold

Oscar is indeed an extraordinary event. It seems like the only important thing nowadays. However my HMC server had other ideas. While reviewing my CPU usage on LPAR2RRD, I had noticed that my HMC was not responding. (no ping).

On physical inspection I found that the one of its hard drive failed and showing amber LED. Rebooted it several times with and without faulty disk but it didn’t start. Later I realized that it had RAID0 configured with two of its internal disks. And it cannot startup with one disk. After inserting a replacement disk I had to re-image the server with the base image. The desired updated version cannot be applied directly. So booted it with the based version and then upgraded it to SP1. And finally installed the desired version to support both of my servers P7 and P8.
I have thanked my Backup admin for having a critical backup for my HMC system profile. It took around an hour to restore all my profile and configurations from that backup.
The whole recovery took around 7 hours due to massive sizes of firmware images. I watched the “Fargo 1996” during this period and keep my boss posted about the recovery.  System administration is kind of interesting job provided that you are allowed to manage your tasks independently with no foolish deadlines to meet.

Macy’s performance was great and I loved the detective character too. Need more flick like this as Marvel Agents of Shield will not be resuming till 8th March. I hate these holiday breaks. 

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