Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Consolidating AIX essential commands

Check system limits:
        Ulimit –a
Modify system parameters:
        smitty chgsys
Disable remote login for Root:
         #PermitRootLogin yes <--- change to no and uncomment it in sshd.conf file
         And restart sshd
         stopsrc -s sshd ;
         startsrc -s sshd
Unlock account after wrong attempts:
         chsec -f /etc/security/lastlog -a "unsuccessful_login_count=0" -s 'user'

Check missing file set for each TL
        # instfix -i | grep ML
       All filesets for 6100-00_AIX_ML were found.
       All filesets for 6100-01_AIX_ML were found.
       All filesets for 6100-02_AIX_ML were found.
       All filesets for 6100-03_AIX_ML were found.
       All filesets for 6100-04_AIX_ML were found.  
       All filesets for 6100-05_AIX_ML were found.
       All filesets for 6100-06_AIX_ML were found.
       All filesets for 6100-07_AIX_ML were found.
       All filesets for were found. 
       Not all filesets for 6100-08_AIX_ML were found.
       Not all filesets for 6100-09_AIX_ML were found.

# instfix -icqk  6100-08_AIX_ML | grep :-:
      6100-08_AIX_ML:printers.ibmgb18030_CN.rte: 6100-08 Update
      6100-08_AIX_ML:printers.ibmuniversal.rte: 6100-08 Update

Remove packages to attain desired TL
      smitty remove

Check sudo access level
      sudo –l
Check complete os version
      oslevel –s
Check complete system attributes and hardware information
Check running processes
      Ps –eaf
System analyzer
Never modify sudoers file directly, use
Check physical volume disk space
     bootinfo –S hdisk1
Check filesytems on a particular volume group
     lsvg –l ‘vgname’
Mount all file system
     mount –a
Always install new packages on preview mode in smitty install menu.

To be continue . . . .

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