Monday, 12 May 2014

How to upgrade Ontap 8.0 to 8.1

How to upgrade Ontap 8.0 to 8.1 : It is always recommended to upgrade Ontap to latest version. And if you are planning to work with HYBRID volumes and SSD disks, this upgrade is mandatory. 


Here is the procedure to upgrade Ontap from 8.0 to 8.1

1) Connect the laptop with the serial to console port of the 1st filer1 and also connect with the front end port e0a of the same filer through your laptop Ethernet card.

2) Disable cf if it is enabled.
filer1 > cf disable (Note: Cf status must show that cf is disabled otherwise filer will go in takeover mode which is not desired here)

3) Logon to your upgrade server (preferably RHEL or Solaris) and mount the /vol/vol0 volume as a nfs share on your upgrade server to the mountpoint /mnt.

4) After mounting, go inside the directory 
cd /mnt/etc on your upgrade server.

5) Create a directory inside /mnt/etc by the name of software. 
mkdir software

6) Change its permissions. Server>
chmod 775 software

7) copy the 8.1 upgrade source to the nfs share mount point on the upgrade server through winscp or scp.  /mnt/etc/software.

8) Now logon to the filer1 whose /vol/vol0 you have mounted on the upgrade server.

9) type the command on filer1> 
software list (it should show the software package that needs to be updated)

10) type the command on filer1> 
software update package-name or software update package-name -d -r (-d: download , -r reboot) 

11) Reboot the filer or it will do it by itself depending on the flags -d,-r are given or not at step 10

12) After the reboot is complete check the version of the filer > version (it should be 8.1.0p1).

Now repeat the same steps (1-12) on filer2.

Go to step 13 after successful up-gradation of both filers.

13) cf enable on any 1 filer1.


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