Monday, 21 April 2014

Users to Tech-Support ratio

Users to Tech-Support ratio

Users to IT Helpdesk /ITIL Service Desk technician ratio is very important whenever you setup or reorganize the support unit. Following points need to be considered before going live. You can re-evaluate these points quarterly to identify bottle necks. Overloading a technician or not satisfying the minimum ratio can result in chaos.

a.  # of devices
b. # of OS
c.   # of different software
d. # of complaints
e.  Average problem resolution time

a.  Technician expertise
b. User expertise

a.  new software rollouts
b. patching and updating

User: Technician
60  : 1

-15  for       1<OS version, 1<Hardware types
+10  for        with standard user privileges
+20  for        with remote application deployment service
+15  for        with imaging and fast refresh technology
+15  for        with remote control

Always remember that you are setting up an IT Service desk and not a fire fighting team.

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