Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to Configure a Second Listener on a Separate Network in 11.2 Grid Infrastructures

How to Configure a Second Listener on a Separate Network in 11.2 Grid Infrastructures

In Grid Infrastructure, a second back-end listener is required to give access to application developers and other operators. You may configure the same by following these steps.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Users to Tech-Support ratio

Users to Tech-Support ratio

Users to IT Helpdesk /ITIL Service Desk technician ratio is very important whenever you setup or reorganize the support unit. Following points need to be considered before going live. You can re-evaluate these points quarterly to identify bottle necks. Overloading a technician or not satisfying the minimum ratio can result in chaos.

a.  # of devices
b. # of OS
c.   # of different software
d. # of complaints
e.  Average problem resolution time

a.  Technician expertise
b. User expertise

a.  new software rollouts
b. patching and updating

User: Technician
60  : 1

-15  for       1<OS version, 1<Hardware types
+10  for        with standard user privileges
+20  for        with remote application deployment service
+15  for        with imaging and fast refresh technology
+15  for        with remote control

Always remember that you are setting up an IT Service desk and not a fire fighting team.

How to block https traffic through ISA?

How to block https traffic through ISA?

You can create a URL set, and then use it in access rules to allow or deny access to websites specified in the set. When ISA Server processes a rule that applies to a URL set, the URL set element of the rule is only processed for Web traffic requests (HTTP, HTTPS, or FTP over HTTP). If a client request uses another protocol (Firewall traffic), ISA Server ignores the URL set when processing the rule. For example, if a rule has both a Computer set and a URL set specified as destination criteria, only the Computer set will be evaluated in the rule. The URL set will be ignored.
Note the following when creating URL sets:
  • You can specify one or more URLs in URL format:
  • For HTTPS traffic, URL sets are only processed if the URL does not have a path specified. For example, http://a.com or "a.com". If the URL has a path specified (even "/"), it is ignored for HTTPS traffic.

·         <protocol>://<host>:<port>/<path>

How to block upload to Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail?
To block upload traffic
Create a domain name set with *.gmail.com / gmail.com / *.yahoo.com / etc
Create this rule
From: Internal Network
To: GmailDomainNameSet
Action: Deny
Explain mailbox creation delay?
Email address stamped to user object, depend on Recipient Update service schedule.
Mailbox shows up in the store after user logs on with outlook or OWA or otherwise user receives a messages.

·         Protocol: All Outbound Traffic