Wednesday, 12 March 2014

How to update VNX 5300 OE for Block

As a VNX Certified Implementation Engineer [EMCIE], you may have to perform OE updates and enabler installation on regular basis. It is always recommended to update storage sub system’s OS after initialization process.

Updating OE for EMC VNX 5300 is quite a simple and straight forward task. Make sure that Unisphere is accessible on your computer using both IP address (for SPA & SPB). You also need a compatible USM (Unisphere Service Manager).

Following are the steps with screen shots.

1-Launch USM and logon to VNX, using any Storage processor’s IP address.

2-You can see the current OE version in above screenshot under System Information. 

3-Launch Unisphere and Generate SP collects for both SPs.

4-Click on Install Software (Step-2) (Dont skip Step-1 if it is a production systems with active server connections)

5-Browse to the latest OE package. 

6-After the package unpacked and transferred click next to server readiness check.

7-Use existing Diagnostic Information to use recently generated SP collects.

8- Complete full health check before moving to next steps. You may fix individual issue and try rerun the checkup.

9- Now the USM check to SP utilization, you may get similar output if you haven't provision storage LUNs yet. 

10- Click next. The installation will take around 1-2 hours.

11- Don't leave it unattended. 

12- During installation both SPs will be rebooted one by one. 

13- Click next after successful completion of OE installation.

14- Commit Package and click next.

15- Installation Completion Summary will be displayed.

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