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4Ps of ITIL: Peoples Products Partners Process

4Ps of ITIL: Peoples Products Partners Process

A combination of specialized organizational capacities for delivering value to customers in the form of service is called IT Service Management or ITSM. Capabilities are not acquired and should be residential and untangible resources.
A Process is a set of coordinated activities combining and implementing resources and capabiliites in order to produce an outcome and provide value to customers or stakeholders.

Description of Process:
measureable + specific + outcomes + repond to events

Functions are organization units to perform different actions and process.

Functionally Oriented Organization
                Communication issue
                Implementation of process
                Cross functional process not works
Process Driven Organization
                End to End process
                Linking tasks
                Improved Communication

RACI Model define within process to identify

Responsible + Accountable + Consulted + Informed
Only 1 accountable (Single throat to choke)
At least one Responsible (to make sure that work is being done)

Process Owner: The One who owns the process and fits the purpose.
Service Owner: Accountable for the delivery of specific IT service. The one who is Responsible for continual service development.

Levels of IT Management
                Operational Level

Service Strategy: To accomplish market focus + Distinguish capabilities.
                Implement service management as strategic asset
                Business strategy alignment

Creating Service Value: Utility + Warranty = Value

Every service needs to be customized based on customer needs and requirements.

Service Package: Core Service + Supporting activities enable value to the core service + Service Level (Utility + Warranty)

Service Package > Service Level Packages > Availability + Capacity + Continuity + Support + Security

BC analysis = Financial Management for IT Services + Service Portfolio

Service Portfolio: Describes providers services in terms of business value. Collection of information use to manage entire lifecycle service management.

Service Portfolio = Service Pipeline + Retired Services + Service Catalogue.

Always Balance between Risk and Value.

Hence portfolio management is a process that continually manages and optimises the balance between the business value, cost and risk provided by a portfolio of IT Services.

Retired Services > Service Catalogue > Service Pipeline

Service Portfolio + Demand Management + Financial Management of IT = Service Strategic

Demand Management: Responsible for understand and strategically responding to business demands for services by analyzing patterns and provision capacity. It is based on Physical and technical constraints.
Demand Management is actually used to balance capacity of workload.

PBA: Pattern of Business activity dictates the pattern.

Service Strategy drives service life cycle.>>
                1-Service Design
                2-Service Transition
                3-Service Operation
                4-Continual Service Improvement

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