Monday, 27 January 2014

The time when my excitement end up in boredom

This was the time when we decided to POC Oracle 12c to explore and understand its new features. Inside we all know that this is going to be one hell of an awesome task. So we picked up our laptops and installed some linuxs for this purpose. All was started well as we setup the OS in very few times and begin to read the Oracle 12C guides.  

It had been quite a time since I configured an 11g RAC. So I was forgotten the all famous, lovely and beautiful pre requisites. But soon OS installation done, the first thing I did is to jot down the pre requisite. I have always preferred to write down the steps before executing them. Even though these steps may be re stated, rearranged and or modified a million times before the completion of the installation.

Once done with all the system parameters, kernel parameters and configuring user and directory structure. Things were looking good, so I proceeded further with source arrangements. Ah, that source was huge. Downloading it and copying it to the system was quite a hell of a task itself. I wonder what the hell is going on with the internet services; they all are just no good.

Next, I configured X-manager on my laptop. I love this application. Thanks to X-manger we can able to see the first screen; the OUI. There were some days in my life when I only want to see this screen once. Oh I shouldn't mention that is embarrassing.

As soon the magical OUI appeared for RAC installation, I configured the basic settings and moved to the next step. Here I like to admit that ssh connectivity is one of my worst nightmare. Therefore there is always a shaky feeling while setting and testing ssh connectivity between hosts. Then we got the screen which is called the ultimate pre requisite check. You just know if you conquer this peak, there will be no stopping you. Some of my fellow believed that SAP has more complex installation. I really don’t know about SAP installation but RAC configuration has every emotion to offer.

After fixing most of the pre requisite (never ignore any pre requisite), I hit next. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------10%-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------20%-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Yes it has been 4 hours and the installation hasn't finished yet. L

  • ·         Always start installation when you have good few spare hours.
  • ·         Never ever try to setup a 2 node RAC on a laptop computer, its plain stupid. L

                                                                          To be continued.  . . .

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