Thursday, 30 January 2014

Connecting NetApp to Solaris Host over Fibre Channel

Once you have completed FC zoning, you are ready for host and target connectivity. Here is the step by step procedure: 

Monday, 27 January 2014


Windows Extreme Programming End of Life - 14 April 2014

So finally the bye bye time for the cult of an operating system has arrived. Windows XP was undoubtedly the most successful operating systems of information history for consumers and business alike.
Release days of windows XP goes into 2001.That was the time when most of the users were happy with their Win98 and were reluctant to try XP. This was pretty obvious and justified as XP predecessor (WinME) received very bad word of mouth.

The beautiful GUI played a huge role in bringing up the positive vibe and encouraged users to try the new OS. It required 64MB of RAM and I had 32MB in my Intel Pentium 2 computer. So I borrowed a 32MB one and completed the installation. The look and feel of XP was mesmerizing.  Despite the incapability of my hardware, I kept on using the OS.

In last 12 years XP came a long way. It was patched up and serviced several times to meet the new requirements. But for most of the users out there have no good reason to leave XP. The reason behind this thought process it that because each and every software available across the globe is still compatible with Windows XP. And its successor was also had some issues and mostly received bad word of mouth. I personally believed that Windows Vista became a fully functional and stable operating system after the release of service pack 1. However the WOM was so strong and finally cleared by Windows7.

The time when my excitement end up in boredom

This was the time when we decided to POC Oracle 12c to explore and understand its new features. Inside we all know that this is going to be one hell of an awesome task. So we picked up our laptops and installed some linuxs for this purpose. All was started well as we setup the OS in very few times and begin to read the Oracle 12C guides.  

It had been quite a time since I configured an 11g RAC. So I was forgotten the all famous, lovely and beautiful pre requisites. But soon OS installation done, the first thing I did is to jot down the pre requisite. I have always preferred to write down the steps before executing them. Even though these steps may be re stated, rearranged and or modified a million times before the completion of the installation.

Once done with all the system parameters, kernel parameters and configuring user and directory structure. Things were looking good, so I proceeded further with source arrangements. Ah, that source was huge. Downloading it and copying it to the system was quite a hell of a task itself. I wonder what the hell is going on with the internet services; they all are just no good.

Next, I configured X-manager on my laptop. I love this application. Thanks to X-manger we can able to see the first screen; the OUI. There were some days in my life when I only want to see this screen once. Oh I shouldn't mention that is embarrassing.