Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Forgot your EMC Box’s IP address :(

If you have just realize that you are no longer remember the IP address of your old EMC storage box and your documents are of no use because you hadn't recorded your storage configuration, then you may be wondering that your next few hours going to be very painful and frustrating.
Well this is true if you connect to MGMT port and start trying out different combinations to identify your IP address and make some phone calls to your peers to find out whether they remember any IP address. But please don’t stress yourself as EMC has a very cool feature to help you in this regard. I don’t know this feature until very recently I used it.

For this purpose you need an EMC original service cable, will be connecting to the wrench port of your box and the other end can be connected to a USB-Serial adapter. Now connect the adapter to your USB port. Now follow these steps.