Thursday, 9 May 2013

SAN administration:

Before I got a chance to work on a NetApp box, I had many perceptions about the architecture and procedure difference with respect to other storage platforms. But when I started working on it. I found out that administering an Ontap SAN box can be very easy and fascinating task, if you have firm grasp of storage concepts because rest is a piece of cake. Storage provisioning based on customer requirement can be done easily by executing commands directly on Ontap CLI. You can execute multiple commands at once. It’s amazing to see that it took less than 2 hours for adding physical storage (DAE), configuring ownership, creating LUNs, assigning LUNs and iGroup configuration. Always keep all your commands in a notepad; this will help you for your next configuration. You can reuse these command lines; you just have to modify DAE and filer ids. I must say this is what they call rapid deployment. This is also true for any other process such as updating Ontap versions which take hardly 30 min as compare to other storage boxes which consume more than few hours for the OS update or patching.

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