Monday, 13 May 2013

Downtime for Storage #@#$!!++?!!

It is always challenging for an IT professional to take down production systems for maintenance. Storage systems compare to other IT systems, are the most critical parts of an IT Infrastructure and they always should be dealt sensibly. Planning downtime and maintenance window is very important aspect of any downtime. Always communicate all stakeholders (including end users) and take all the necessary approval from user department and IS function. Depending on the scope of the maintenance / upgrade designate a coordinator for all communication. Also take in account of services under effect, develop clear steps to restore these services and communicate the same accordingly among all stakeholders. Plan-B: This is my favorite part; I have always been great supporter for a backup plan. Sometimes such possibility is limited by inadequate planning. However you can always have a plan-b, it is better to have one instead of nothing. Start by performing a simple powercycle activity as per the system documentation, which may include all the important steps of disconnecting / killing active services and proper shutdown procedure. Once you restored the production services, start the actual activity. I hope this has been informative for you, please also share your experiences.

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