Thursday, 27 December 2012

Starting a career in storage domain. . .

Starting a career in storage domain can be very challenging and interesting. However, I believe that background in systems administration with extensive use of CLI can be very helpful. Being a storage admin you constantly need to work with the array software and CLI (for the core). Generally most array software’s are very user friendly and provides multiple wizards to achieve most common tasks. However, you soon find out that you need to know a lot about other things too. Such as you have to understand the Storage area network and work with a network administrator to configure zoning on SAN switches. OS on most of the arrays are based on Linux. Therefore Linux working knowledge is also required as I mentioned earlier systems administration experience comes handy. Last but not least whenever you are configuring arrays and provisioning storage to hosts you are doing so for some particular server or application. Most of the times you are allocating storage for email mailboxes and virtual machines. To perform such activities along with their respective administrators you too needs to understand the basis of email server and virtual desktop / application technology. Finally if you can read a lot and practice on your own, you definitely won’t face many problems.


  1. Hi,
    I must appriciate on this blog first. This is useful to some extend and would be even more useful if you put some more material on storage basics.
    By the way, considering cloud computing, I would like to know the future of a storage domain. And how far a IT professional can survive with storage domain?

    1. Thank you very much for your comments; Yes cloud, virtualization and big data will fade out the actual storage domain but nuts and bolts will remain same behind the cloud curtain.