Friday, 30 November 2012

Adding Storage

Whenever adding disk array enclosures, make sure to read the documentation and instructions completely. Daisy chaining DAEs can be very fascinating task but it also required proper planning for the harnessing for the cables. First count the required numbers of cables and verify the connectors (SFP, HSSDC, HSSDC2 etc). Draw the diagram on a piece of paper to understand the DAEs’ locations and then measure the cable length for expansion.

Now harness the cables (clips the extra length properly) neatly. Launch the DAE adding utility and follow the procedures. Here you have to set the DAE and Bus number for the new DAE. It can be done by pressing a switch or button on the back panel of the enclosure. If you have any ambiguity about anything, put the task on hold and check with the principal support or refer to the documentation.

Happy Expansion!!!

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