Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Replacing hot swappable disk:

Hot swap-able disks, I/O cards, SPS as well as SPEs are are the most fascinating functionality of modern day enterprise storages. It enable organizations to keep up with their RPO and enjoy the 24/7 availability of data. Almost all arrays with RAID configuration can have hot swap-able capabilities.
Nowadays SAN, NAS and VTL have spare disks, which can automatically replace failed disk. Number of spares is dependent on RAID levels. Distributed RAID can recover single disk failure while dual distributed RAID is recoverable from two disk failures.

Replacing such parts are very simple and most of the time you can perform the swapping on the fly. However always refer to the original manufacturer's document in case of any ambiguity. 

Make sure to read all supporting manuals and documentations before swapping/replacing any disk or other hot swap-able parts.
(PS: Not all parts in an Enterprise Storage are hot swap able)

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